The NoseFrida: How Suction


Please check out the video for how to use the NoseFrida on kiddos 0-3 years. There is a written description below as well as some tricks of the trade.



Items you need before you start:

  1. The NoseFrida
  2. A blanket to wrap your child in
  3. A bottle of liquid saline
    • The squeeze bottle, NOT the mist (usually comes in an aerosol can)
  4. A discard rag or something to put the mucus on
    • A wet wipe does not work for this.

The Process

Three step process for suctioning with the NoseFrida:

  1. Put a couple drops up one nostril and suction. Repeat with the other nostril.
    • This clears out the nostrils
  2. Saline flush- while suctioning out one nostril, simultaneously push a moderate amount of saline up the other nostril. Continue to flush out this side of the nose until you see only saline. Repeat with the other nostril.
    • This creates a vacuum and is similar to a nedipot for adults
    • This step clears out the sinuses
    • **This step is the most important and the least desired by your child**
  3. Finish it off by suctioning each nostril one last time to get the remaining saline out. While suctioning out one side put your finger over the other nostril opening.
    • This clears out the back of the throat.
    • If you get mucus out at this point another saline flush is needed.

Some tips:

Wrapping up/ restraining your child:

  • One person hold: While placing their arms by their sides tightly wrap a sturdy blanket or towel around them from the neck down. Wrap them so that the ends of the towel/blanket are behind them and tight enough that they can’t get their hands out.
  • Two people hold: Use a towel/ blanket and wrap the child as described above with the exception of leaving their arms unwrapped. The person holding the child (the Holder) will need to place both arms above the child’s head (elbows to ears) and secure their arms by pushing them against their head (basically squeezing their head). This will allow the Holder to secure the head and arms at the same time.


  • DO NOT pass out. It will do your kiddo no good if you’re on the floor!
    • Take deep breaths in between each suction
  • DO NOT stop sucking until you reach the discard rag.
    • The NoseFrida is not a continuous suction device so when you stop sucking the mucus will fall out, usually on the kiddos face.
  • When you reach the discard rag LIGHTLY blow the mucus out. You can blow the filter out of place if done too hard.
  • If mucus is heard in the back of the throat or if your child is gagging/ continuously coughing it is recommended to suction out the mouth.
    • ONLY put the NoseFrida down the sides of the mouth. Putting it down the middle will only cause more gaging and possibly cause vomiting.
  • Saline is your best friend. If swallowed by your child it will not hurt them so do not be afraid to give a good squeeze when doing the flush.


  • Use hot water and dish soap to clean and let air dry. Do this after each use and wash all parts, including the filter.
    • I would advise not to disconnect the mouth piece from the tubing. I accidently put the mouth piece on the end that goes to the device and stretched it out. In turn the tube now has a tendency to fall off while in use.
  • The NoseFrida is dishwasher (top rack) safe. I usually do a “terminal” clean in the dishwasher at the end of each illness. I am honestly using the device to often to put it in the dishwasher every time.