Nasal Aspirator: Choosing a Suction Device

Choosing A Nasal Aspirator

It’s respiratory season, as we call it in the medical field. For everyone else… it’s cold season. That lovely time of year that causes sleepless nights and leaves parents tired, stressed out and overwhelmed. It’s hard to see your kiddo sick and know that there really isn’t much you can do to make them better.

This post is geared towards the parents who have kiddos too young to effectively blow their noses and thus need “suctioning”.

There are a few different types of nasal aspirators/suction devices on the market. They range in their effectiveness from “throw it in the trash” to “amazing invention”. These 4 reviews are personal opinions, collective feedback from parents and input from different pediatric providers.
bulb-syringe nasal aspirator

Bulb Syringe

*** Throw Away***

  • The only use I have found for this device is from babies 0-1month, who have very tinny nasal passages (openings), that have the mucus discharge from birth still in their nose.
  • The bulb syringe is a dark, moist, warm environment that is perfect for breeding bacteria
  • The is no true way to fully clean this device
  • There is not enough suction power to preform a saline flush/wash

mech-suction nasal aspirator

Battery Powered Suction

***Waste of money***

  • Can clean the device more effectively but still unable to sanitize all parts
  • Requires up-keep with battery replacement and all the little parts
  • More suction power than the bulb but it is a continuous- one speed- sucking power
  • There is not enough suction power to preform a saline flush/wash

egg suction nasal aspirator

The “Egg” nasal aspirator

***Better but NASTY***

  • Can be cleaned and sanitized effectively
  • Good amount of suction
  • NO manufacture filter used. Directs operator to use paper towel as a filter
  • I have personally seen the mucus pass through and/or around the paper towel, up the tube and into the operators mouth. NASTY!!
  • Has enough suction power to preform a saline flush/wash

NoseFrida nasal aspirator


***#1 choice- Amazing invention***

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Manufacture filter used and 4 included in the box. According to the NoseFrida website, the filter is 100% hygienic and has been proven to contain germs.
  • Parents that have used both the “Egg” and the NoseFrida have expressed their preference in the NoseFrida. They felt there was better sucking pressure as well as less chance for mucus in their mouths.
  • Has enough suction power to preform a saline flush/wash