Medication Administration (Schools/Child Care Centers)
This class is required by the state of Colorado for all licensed child care providers. Our nurse educators are Qualistar approved medication administration trainers.Topics include a medication overview, handling and administration of routine medications, Epi-Pen training, medication orders and documentation, and rights and responsibilities.
Now teaching the new 2017 edtion of Medication Administration Training materials.

Cost:  $45.00 per student, includes online student manual, sample forms booklet, and a 3 year certification.

All information can be found on the Colorado Shines/ PDIS website ( Please search the course catalog for “medication”. Three modules will be found. Please complete “medication administration training, part 1”. This module will cover all materials necessary for becoming certified to give common medication. Be advised, anything not covered by this training will require more education from your CCHC nurse. At the end of the training you will be required to take a test and a certificate will populate. This certificate must be taken to your skills assessment, thus proving you completed the training.

Standard Precaution

This class is required by the state of Colorado for all licensed child care providers.  After completing this course, the student will be knowledgeable about infectious diseases that can be transmitted including those spread through contact with blood and other potentially infectious body fluids.  This class follows the guidelines established by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as well as the Children’s Hospital school health program.

Cost:  $20.00 per student, includes handouts and a 1 year certification.


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