• Providing nursing visits scheduled on an ongoing basis to fit your busy schedule


  • Education regarding health and safety topics including CPR/First Aid, Universal (Standard) Precautions, nutrition and disease management
  • Work with employees to prevent communicable disease
  • Provide health screening consultation for blood pressure, body mass index, body fat, blood sugar and more
  • Emergency preparedness
    • Offering routinely scheduled nursing visits assuring compliance with Colorado state regulations


  • Provide state mandated classes for staff including CPR/First Aid, Universal (Standard) Precautions and Medication Administration
  • Education on health and safety topics to childcare providers, parents and young children
  • Work with parents and providers to prevent communicable disease
  • Provide child development screening consultation and tools
  • Address need for increasing activity and healthy eating for children
  • Work to ensure safe indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Provide technical assistance for childcare provider health and safety questions
  • Assist providers with health and safety policy development
  • Promote safe sleep for babies
  • Provide vision and health screenings for children and child care staff
  • Delegate medication administrations and procedures
  • Provide consultation on health and safety standards as well as emergency preparedness

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